The 5 most common problems with bathroom tiling.

Here are some tips to help the DYI enthusiast to correctly install and maintain their own bathroom tiles to ensure they are laid correctly and with the correct preparation.

  1. Loose tiles can occur for various reasons. One can be the expansion of a tile due to absorbing moisture, especially if the house is old and may not have appropriate waterproofing. Other reasons a loose tile can occur are not adequate glue behind the tile, therefore it will become loose or drummy and requires removal and relaying.
  2. Grout cracking can occur with movement of the structure of the room or moisture behind the tile. Small cracks can lead to water penetrating behind and cause a lot of damage. It's best to scrap out the grout and redo, if the cracking comes back then further investigating should be taken to resolve the problem.
  3. Using the right materials for the tiling job will make sure the tiles are there for a long time with no issues. This include using the recommended adhesives for the substrate to be tiled, correctly waterproofing and allowing time for the products to dry before commencing work. Always follow the instructions on the products to make sure they are applied correctly.
  4. Poor workmanship will also leave a room looking average and can create problems for the future longevity of the tiles. As said above ensure the products used are suitable for the job and applied correctly. Care should be taken with preparation, this will make installing easier.
  5. Moisture can lead to mould and structural damage if left too long. This is something that should be addressed immediately and may require an expert to repair.
Ollie Behiels