Mitre tile edge or trim?

                                 Mitre tile edge or trim?

All tilers will differ on their opinion whether to mitre the tile edges or use trim.

Some of you will be asking what is a mitred tile edge?  Well they are where two tiles meet at an external corner or bath sill, window sill or shower hob. To make the mitre you cut a 45 degree angle off the back of the tile to make them meet together neatly and then the small gap between can be filled with grout or tenax depending on the tiler and the look you’re trying to achieved.

The method of using trim is for the same reasons to put around a window sill, bath or hob where two tiles meet. The trims are available in a variety of colours, materials, styles and thicknesses to suit your tiles. Trim creates a stronger edge compared to the mitred tile and therefore you’re less likely to end up with chipping and breakage.

Before building it’s worth looking at both methods and speaking to your tiler to make an informed decision as to which will suit you and the look you’re after.

Ollie Behiels