Why you should specify porcelain tile for outdoor areas.

1.     Porcelain is frost proof: Porcelain tiles are “impervious”. (They don’t absorb water). So there is no opportunity for them to absorb the water, freeze, expand, and then crack.

2.     Porcelain tiles are low maintenance: Porcelain tiles are non-porous and stain-proof. The occasional sweeping of your patio and rinse off with some warm soapy water is the maximum effort needed to maintain your space.

3.     Porcelain tiles are scratch and fade proof: One of the main advantages of porcelain tile is its durability. It is much denser than standard ceramic tile and is fired at higher temperatures and made from more refined clay. This makes them tremendously hard and resistant to scratching.

4.      Porcelain tiles can be made with slip resistant textures: This is ideal for the outdoors where rain may hit the tiles, the non- slip textures will prevent slipping and tripping.

5.      Porcelain tiles can complement indoor and outdoor areas by creating a seamless look:

Using your outdoors as an extension of your living area is a great way to create a seamless look between the outdoors and in. So don’t be afraid to use the same tiles in the kitchen and out the sliding door to the patio to make the space seem larger and ultimately create a sense of flow through the space. This is where a polished or matt indoor tile can be used with a textured non-slip in the same colour and brand of tile to create that seem less appeal.

Ollie Behiels