How to choose the right grout for your application.

Sanitized colourgrout: A cementitious grout designed for use with most types of ceramic tiles ad natural stone applications.

Elite colourgrout: A flexible premium performance grout that offers a superior smoothness for use on stone, marble and porcelain tiles.

Rejuvenation Grout: A cost effective, ready to use grout designed to be applied straight over existing grout to transform tired wall and floor tiles.

Slate and Quarry Grout: A cementitious grout designed for use with slate and quarry tiles and natural stones.

Superfine White Grout: A cement based grout with a resistance to a broad spectrum of mould and bacteria specifically for use on walls.

Easy Grout: A premium, pre-mixed and ready to use wall and floor tile grout suitable for interior and undercover exterior applications on ceramic, stone, glass and other non-porous tiles. Comes in a 4lt bucket.

Ollie Behiels